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Hi all,
While digging through a box of razors that I was adding to my shop, I came across 2 I'm not to sure about.

First looks like an arisocrat, but not gold colored that I normally see. The second is a 3 piece Gillette, with 18044 on the base of blade holder.


See ya, Country Joe

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The one on the right is a Belmont - a more rare variation on the NEW.

The one on the left actually is not an aristocrat, unless all the plating has indeed worn off. More likely it is one of the more rare silver color variants. I would guess President.

If you are referencing the book, you are probably more right than I. I had only seen that type of NEW handle IDed as a Belmont in the past.

As for the other, take a look at this. Bottom of the page. I have seen this razor identified elsewhere on the forums as the president as well.

Gillette is so confusing. Edit: And I should add that I am by no means an expert, but rather a relative newbie, going off what I have seen on the forums, generally, so not guaranteed at all.
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