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Portuguese Shaving creams



Now available these finely crafted Portuguese shaving creams.
Ach Brito Lavanda with coconut oil, lanolin, and oat extract.
Top Secret is 100% vegetable base with coconut oil and lanolin.
Veleiro is lanolin and glycerin based with vitamin E and fatty acids added.

Top Secret
Ach Brito Lavanda

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Moderator Emeritus
All three of those creams are outstanding. If you like Musgo Real, these should be on the must try list.
Hahaha I said no moe spending, but I have cream from Uruguay, right next to Brazil. My uruguyan doctor Selby is amazing I will try this in a few weeks, thanks!


Goldex and Estoril are real bargains and make nice lather.Not sure if they still are,but my tubes are both 150 grams each.
The best cream from Portugal (in my opinion, that is) is Lavanda. The scent is lovely and it's got great lather with a very comfortable post-shave sensation.