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That was the info I was looking for. I figured the razors were probably ok, but I just don't have much knowledge about the other things brushes especially. I know there are tons out there, but I have always wondered what things could actually improve my grooming not just make it different.
Joshua; You might consider when the time comes to replace you cream and blades to try something else. You'll spend about the same amount.
I think it's awesome that you've stuck so long to just a few items. There is no reason to change!

If there were any true thing that stands out to me that was more of an 'experience' it would be the feel of face lathering with a good brush and some tallow soap. You may or may not find hardware or software that suits you better in the long run, but the luxurious feel of face lathering is second to none I my book. Just my two cents on something that you may be missing.
I may look into another brush. I do face lather so I may actually enjoy something different there.
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I have an Omega Hi-Brush synthetic, an Omega boar and two Semogue 610's. Personally I prefer the 610's. They face lather great.
There's a lot of minimalist budget shavers around here whom I admire quite a bit. It's admirable to be that way, but it doesn't mean you can't buy anything at all.

A boar brush could vastly improve your experience (Omega 10066, many Semogues), a blade sampler could be a revelation (tryablade.com), and there's tons of affordable soaps to try as a change of pace or a new staple (Cella and Arko are favorites of a frugal).

But I wouldn't tread too far beyond these boundaries unless you want to jeopardize your bank account.