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PolSilver SI + 50's Tech = Best Shave

7 years ago my beloved wife gifted me at Merkur with Merkur blades for Xmas. Love the Merkur, the blades not so much. So I learned quickly that I needed to try different blades, so I did. A few months later I found a treasure in a thrift store, a 50's Gillette Tech. $ .50. After cleaning it up I tried some different blades, it was just okay so I set it aside.

The other day I pulled out the Tech, put a new PolSilver Super Iridium in it and enjoyed the smoothest shave of my life (seriously).

Main point = keep trying different blades in your razors until you achieve smooth shaves. And if you ask around on here you'll get that smooth comfortable shave even quicker.


FarmerStan the Man
Yes, the lowly Tech is an incredible razor with the right blade.

If I was limited to a Tech with a GSB blade for all my future shaves I'd be content.

Except my addiction to trying different "stuff" would have me crying sooner rather than later!
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