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Polo Junkie Needs Help!

Ok, here's a question from an admitted unsophisticate who loves the clean, masculine, 'western' scent of Polo classic (green), and who has worn it pretty faithfully for the past 20 years and loved it: What do I need to be looking at to move on to a new experience in cologne that is evocative of these qualities, but maybe up the ladder a bit in terms of quality? I do not like sweetness in cologne, shave soap, or coffee. Any suggestions welcome…


I too still wear Polo from time to time (my wife likes it). I have been working my way through samples from Penhaligons...Pecksniffs...Trumper....and T&H. I would contact them and they will all send you generous samples. The Penhaligons scents are amazing...definitely top notch. I think you will love the English Fern...
The female Jaguar at the St. Louis Zoo prefers Polo. Cats like scent so the keepers spray the yards with differenct scents. This Jaguar always finds the Polo first and rolls in it. She then goes on her way to smell the rest of the yard. Interesting....
As a Polo wearer, you might like Creed GIT. You could also try Polo Black, as it is a more modern Polo scent with darker notes. I like Polo Green too, BTW. I'd also look at the Truefitt line, nice and preppy, yet not stodgy.

If you like the RL scents RL Purple Label. It's by far his best quality fragrance. Smells great and has staying power too. I second the Creed's my favorite is the Original Vetiver. Royal English Leather by Creed I've never even seen it but it should be manly b/c it's the 1st Creed c.1780.

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein another 80's classic
Dolce & Gabbana pour homme, Gucci Envy, Dunhill (Marshall's...affordable)
Fougère by Pecksniff's
L'Occitane Vetiver
Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

It's a start.... I suggest keeping your eyes open for decants, samples and the mini ones.

Good Luck.
Thanks everyone for all the great advice...I think I will start with checking out the Penhaligons scents, especially the English Fern...

Any suggestions for how to obtain a small sample of it? I checked ebay, and they seem to have only the bigger bottles.



Go by their website and kindly ask for a sample via e-mail of the English Fern & any others you think that you might want to purchase. They will send out samples. It may take a while but I found them to be pretty generous.
Also trek on over to your Saks 5th Avenue and look at the Creed and ask for some samples.
Franco has a ton of the scent Libraries for $6.00. The normal price is $20, so these are a deal.

From memory, mine included Blenheim, Racquets, Castile, Lords (Duoro), Eliz Rose, and a few others.

They should last for a while and will give you a choice to try them all.

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