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polo green and doppelgangers

Han Polo to me is one of the best scents in an aftershave I have come across, however my only complaint is that it doesn't have the staying power that other PAA aftershaves have, and I'm also bummed that it's no longer produced. I'm going to pull the trigger on a bottle of Stirling Green and try that as it's been getting rave reviews. Also I tried to get the A&E Equestrian as well, but it was sold out, and I'm not going to pay for a membership to get something. If they offer a product to the masses and it's available then I'll buy it, but otherwise I'm good as there are tons of options in this market space.

For now Stirling Green is my next purchase.
You won't be disappointed. Sad to see Han Polo get discontinued; how can you go wrong with Polo and Star Wars? Scarn is a much lighter scent than Stirling Green, and I 'm still getting whiffs of it 2-3 hours post shave. Helps if you have the matching soap. The Green aftershave can last up to 4 hours on me.
Well I pulled the trigger on a bottle of stirling green, let’s see how it compared to my bottle of PAA Han polo, watch I’ll get it and burn through my bottle of stirling green only to find out PAA is bringing Han polo back........I’m so bummed that they discontinued that scent. Regardless I’m excited to get my new bottle and I’ll certainly keep you guys in the loop.
I got my bottle of stirling green today.......smells incredible, I can't wait to try it tomorrow at some point, however in a side by side comparison it smells nothing like Han Polo. My journey continues...........there has to be something out there.
I’ve stopped trying clones and now stick to original fragrances. Unfortunately Polo green no longer makes a splash- only a balm or gel.
I tell you what this bottle of stirling green is the freaking bomb!!!! It’s not like PAA Han polo nothing I have tried is......but I really really really really like this stuff no joke!!!!
I have a full size bottle of Polo green with 1/2 left if someone wants it. Add some perfumers alcohol and make your own aftershave. Send a pm with an address if interested.
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