Polo Blue, Polo Blue Ultra and Polo Blue Sport Clones/hommage?

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    Any suggestions for a good edt/edc/edf and/or AS with hommage/clone scents to these frags?
    Ireally like the Blue and the Sport, and would like to try the ultra at some point without killing the bank.
    Read somewhere here once about "Belcam" and their clones...worth it at $8 or garbage?
  1. Razorock New York aftershave is based on polo sport.

    Whoops, never mind. You’re talking about polo blue variants.

    Confusing since the bottle was blue.
  2. did learn there is a variant called Polo Blue Sport which is a blend of the two...so maybe...
  3. Take a look at Phoenix Artisans Accoutrements. They're always adding scents, and have come up with alot of homage scents. You may find something you like. As I recall they had something called Han Polo which sounds like a clone.

    Phoenix Aftershave Colognes
  4. I have the Belcam version of Polo Blue. Good stuff, in fact, I have six Belcam fragrances, and not a pooch in the bunch. If there is one a bit lacking, it would be their version of CK Obsession. Back to Polo Blue, the Belcam version smells pretty green at opening. It settles into a nice fresh woody scent. If I needed to replace it, I would.
  5. BTW, Stirling Blu is supposed to be like Polo Blue
  6. Saw that in that link above. Considering a purchase.

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  7. I am glad you brought that up. I have four Stirling splashes and I rave about their performance and value. Since I enjoy Belcams' version of Polo Blue, I wIll have to get a bottle of Stirling Blue on my next order from Maggards. I wish there were more aftershaves that matched freshie colognes like Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue, Chrome Azzaro and the various Nautica scents without paying the ridiculous designer price tags.
  8. Stubble Buster Burnish is based on Azzaro Chrome. Good performance and cheap too! Made by the Chiseled Face/Groomatorium Co.
  9. Glad the info helped

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