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Poll: Which way do your neck hairs grow?

Which way do your neck hairs grow?

  • N-S from the jaw to the chest

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  • S-N from the chest to the jaw

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It seems that pretty much every shaving video out there features men whose whiskers in the neck area grow predominately North to South, ie from the jawline down towards the chest. In fact, I can’t think of one that I’ve ever watched where the grain goes the other way, S-N. Watching them makes my eyes water, because a N-S pass is against the grain for me and would rip up my neck in no time.

I guess I can’t be alone in having a S-N growth in the neck area (can I?), so thought I’d set up an unscientific poll to see how we shape up as a community: is it about 50/50, or are we S-N types in a significant minority?

I imagine that most of us will have patches where the grain varies, and that the bit immediately under the jawline is more likely to be E-W or W-E, so I’m interested in the PREDOMINANT direction of growth, not relatively minor variations. I have included an “other” button in case your whiskers defy categorisation this way, in which case do tell!
The hair on my face grows North to South like the average persons.

However the hair specifically on my neck grows East to West on the left side of my face. The right side is the opposite.

I'm talking hair growing horizontally on my neck. It sucks big time.
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