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Poll: sheath or box?

Which container do you prefer?

  • Thiers-Issard leather sheath

  • Dovo metal box

  • I keep my razors at Art's house

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Which do you fine gentlemen prefer- the TI leather sheath or the Dovo metal box? Which do you find the classier and more useful container for your straight?

I keep mine in a pencil holder. If I need to have a container for transit I use a toothbrush holder.


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I prefer keeping my straights in pouches like the Thiers-Issard one...
I keep mine in a pencil holder. If I need to have a container for transit I use a toothbrush holder.

I use the same pencil holder, I believe, that Wid and mbrando use... and like Wid, if I need to mail one out I ship it in a toothbrush holder.

*edit* To answer the question, though, I think the leather pouches, especially the 7 day rolls, look really nice... but I don't own one.
The Monty Python skit is great but misinforms. If you look closely that is not a letter box-it is actually a public used DE razor blade bank! When the little slots in the medicine cabinets went away this was the response of the Labour Party to the public demand for facilities to dispose of razor blades. The philosophy of the time mandated a big government, socialist, public solution-hence, the DE disposal banks on the street corner. When they filled they were sold to France where they were melted down and turned into Renault Dauphines.:lol:
I still have a slot for blade disposal in one of my bathrooms, and I use it on those rare occasions when I have a DE blade to discard.

Overall, I really prefer the original cardboard coffin, if available.

TI has a open top sleeve I like better than the flapped sleeve.

I've picked up several leather cases over the years that I like better also.

I think the TI 7 day roll is a waste of time and money. I don't like rolls. Dovo makes a nicer 7 day holder IMO.

The Dovo two razor case is nice (I own two), but lined with cotton so you need to leave it cracked open unless traveling. Also longer razors will not fit, including some vintage Dovos!
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