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Poll - FOCS vs GC .68SB vs GC .84SB

If you could only choose one FOCS vs. GC .68 vs GC .84?

  • Fatip Lo Storto Originale FOCS

    Votes: 19 28.4%
  • RR GC .68SB

    Votes: 7 10.4%
  • RR GC .84SB

    Votes: 41 61.2%

  • Total voters
Gotcha, so the Game Changer may have an unfair advantage due to being around longer with a larger user/fan base?
Yes, absolutely, the first the Lo Storto, FOCS, became widely available, outside of Italy, was when Connaught Shaving, in the UK, got it in stock on March 9th. Connaught immediately sold out. You could still get it from Gifts and Care in Portugal after that, but not a lot of people knew about this. Then the Quarantine and shut down of Italy occurred. Fatip shut down, so the vendors that had it couldn't restock. This caused a lag. Then eventually, recently, Maggards got it as well when Fatip reopened.
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I also have both the GC .84-P (AKA SB) and FOCS. I've shaved 65 times since the FOCS arrived. 58 of those shaves have been with the FOCS. Among the seven other shaves, the GC .84-P was used once. As someone else commented, the FOCS is just as efficient as the GC, but far smoother.

It's also the most forgiving razor that I own. As an experiment, I re-tried all sorts of blades that I found to be sub-standard, such as the Dorco ST-300, Sharp Durablade, and Topaz Platinum. The Sharp Durablade, in particular, was nightmarish for me (as I described in the "Anyone use Sharp Durablades?" thread). The FOCS did an excellent job of moderating the unruliness of that blade, to the point where I actually considered using a Sharp again (no, not really...).

That quality elevates the FOCS to the top of the heap for me because all of my shaves are effortless, even with the sharpest blades. In various threads, I've described this kind of performance as shaving on "automatic" or "autopilot". Everybody knows what I'm talking about; those are the shaves where you just casually move the razor around your face without putting any thought into it and you suddenly "wake up" and realize that you somehow got a BBS out of it! :biggrin1:

That's something that happened only occasionally for me with the GC, especially with Feathers or other ultra-sharp blades. Sometimes, I found myself expending a lot of energy to shave extra-carefully. Shaving while anxious isn't relaxing, at all. And, since shaving is my time to shut out the world and pamper myself, I'll take the "autopilot" shave everytime.
Perfectly stated and true.
Considering the FOCS. Is the Lo Sorto the same thing?

Best vendor to buy from?

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Considering the FOCS. Is the Lo Sorto the same thing?

Best vendor to buy from?
All Fatip slant models are called Lo Storto (The Twisted One). There are many variations.
  • Fatip slant with open comb = Lo Storto Originale (Original).
  • Fatip slant with safety bar = Lo Storto Gentile (Gentle).
You have to choose the handle size.
  • Smaller, solid brass handle = Piccolo (Small).
  • Larger, hollow brass handle = Grande (Large).
You have to choose the finish.
  • Chrome
  • Gold
Best vendor, that's hard to say, best to shop around. Euro vendors may be cheaper, but shipping can be more expensive, takes longer and makes doing a return more hassle. Not all vendors have all models in stock. Vendors may offer sales or discounts.
As much as I love the non slant Fatip open comb and Gentile my vote was for the Game changer .84p. The FOCS just won't work for my use. Since making a straight/neat beard neckline or cheek line with a slant would be difficult (I have never tried however)... maybe a head shaver?
I find the GC 84-P lacks smoothness for its level of efficiency - it works, but it's less smooth than razors that are comfortably more efficient, IMHO.

The GC 68-OC (open comb) is far smoother than the 84-P and paradoxically seems to be at least as efficient and possibly a touch moreso.

Even factoring in my distaste for the blade alignment faff with the regular Fatip OC, it's a more efficient and smoother razor than the 84-P - if the slanted version is as good as it's hype, then it'll be a better razor than the 84-P, too... Whether that alignment fuss is a deal-breaker is a personal thing - that fiddle puts me off regularly using my grande OC, whereas it's the shave being clearly inferior to others in my den that puts the 84-P at the bottom of the pile.

Others experiences clearly vary, but that's wetshaving for you.
Iirc some people had to fiddle a bit and were still happy with the shaves.

I think it’s better to compare the Fatip closed comb slant to both sb GCs. I do have the Fatip cc and GC 68 sb and the GC is super intuitive and easy with a Feather, while the Fatip is very much the opposite. Some say the FOCS is smoother but I expect it’s even more likely to bite me.
I have both the GC .84 sb and the FOCS and I like both for different reasons. The GC is more like an auto-pilot razor, but it isn't as efficient as the FOCS. The only thing I don't like about the FOCS is that some blades get stuck in the top cap and are pain to remove. Other than that it's a great razor.
Why you did not considered to include Lupo .72 into (even Lupo.95) the poll ???
Great question! I created this poll before the Lupo .72/.95 were released. 👍👍 if you/anyone has experience with those and the above please share! I’m sure we’d all value reading a comparison of them!
Update: I have since acquired all three of these razors! All great shavers, the GC.68 is a go to for me when I want a mindless no risk CCS. The FOCS is great for getting a DFS+ with minimal effort and a BBS when you feel like it. I enjoy them all! YMMV! 👍😎
Great question! I created this poll before the Lupo .72/.95 were released. 👍👍 if you/anyone has experience with those and the above please share! I’m sure we’d all value reading a comparison of them!
I have both the Lupo 72 and 95. The 95, IMO, is the finest razor Razorock makes.
I tried the FOCS based on so many glowing reports, but it is definitely not for me. Not comfortable at all, and a mediocre shave.

The GC 84 SB, on the other hand, is very comfortable and gives me great shaves.
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