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FSOT Polished Sabre, O3 Rex, Blackbird, E2 Schick Injector, G4 Brush

I have a few things for sale. I'm open to a partial trade for a Charcoal Goods Stinger handle for any of the items on this listing.

Polished Level 2 Blackland Sabre:

Razor is in perfect condition. Includes the original box and paperwork. Currently sold out.
Price: $208 for F&F or $215 for G&S
Open to a trade for a machined L2 Sabre + $30.

Rex Ambassador w/ O3 Date Code

Razor is in like-new condition, no issues whatsoever. It's my understanding that no changes have been made to the Rex since early 2019, so this one should be identical to the latest ones produced. As you can see the razor is very clean.

$175 for F&F
$180 for G&S

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