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    found this old butterschotch handle with a beyond repair badger knot, but it was less than a USD, so what could go wrong.
    After cleaning it and removing the knot I had a feeling that the amber color was not original, so pulled out some 1500 wet/dry paper and some polishing paste in the morning.
    Turned out it's yellow/translucent Catalin with a very nice swirl pattern.

    IMG_5737.JPG IMG_5739.JPG

  1. ajkel64

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    Nice handle Adam, it came up well. Thanks for sharing. What sort of knot are you looking at putting in it?
  2. I love Bakelite. Those Catalin handles Schick used on their Type E are very nice. Good job cleaning up and polishing, sir.
  3. That's a crazy difference in color. Do you think that it was just natural discoloration from aging?
    That handle looks great by the way.
  4. Thank you gents. I'm undecided about the knot. I have an old German badger (rein Dachs) it's better than any contemporary badger so doesn't feel I need another. Not a fan of boar (although there are nice ones), and the synthetics (I tried), work only if the knot is at least 22 mm (smaller diameter ones feel too flexible, if it makes sense).
    Right now I'm looking at this, but it could also be that I find a vintage boar or badger knot, or try a mixed badger/boar.
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    Imho the discoloration was caused by some chemical, I have another yellow bakelite brush and had to treat it with owen degreaser. It turned the handle a dark caramel color in seconds, but could polish it back to the original color. I don't know what exactly reacts with the resin.

  5. That's pretty interesting. I wonder if some people do it on purpose.
  6. That is a huge difference. Looks really nice.
  7. Graydog

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  8. Nice handle and killer restore!
  9. I agree with Steve... Outstanding! One would never think it was the same handle.
  10. Very nice!
  11. That yellow swirl is stunning; nicely done sir. Looking forward to the finished product.

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