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pluck your feathers

i have been DE shaving for around a year using strictly using feather blades. i bought feathers because i have high end japanese knives and know they take sharpness and metal forging very seriously. i decided to buy a pack of personna labs. they are 100X sharper, and more smooth than feathers and last longer. i ordered a couple of other blades, but I'm really off feathers.
I use Feathers and while it's true that they don't last long,I get about 3-4 shaves with one before tossing it,blades are not the most expensive thing anyway.
I would say it doesn't get any sharper than Feathers,smoother yes,but not sharper IMHO.
But as always YMMV and I'm glad you're doing good with Personnas,they're great blades too!
feathers use to be sharp, and a very good blade, but i bought a new pack of 100. and either the whole pack is defective, or they're doing something different. it use to be a smooth shave for me, now on the first shave, it tugs and skips. i also tried doing a HHT on a feather, which it use to pass all the time, and now it can't even cut the thickest hair.
I respect your opinion of course.
On the other hand,I would surely not want to shave with a blade 100 times sharper than a Feather.
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