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Pleased with the Cadet Razor

Today was my first shave ever with my new Cadet OC razor. Wow! Now I know why oc razor fans love their razors.
I was practically BBS at the end of the first pass, and I was using a blade that already had 6 previous shaves on it. I think I will be using this razor for awhile...!! Seriously. The shave is stellar.
I've been extolling the virtues of this razor for some time.

This gives me the easiest smoothest shave of any of my razors. BBS with little effort. I'm at the stage where I am sure I could shave using this razor with my eyes closed.

While BBS, it still isn't as close a shave as I get with either version of the R41 but they require more effort.

The only downside I have found and the reason I am delving into the stainless steel realm (at least the only one I am admitting to because I don't have RAD :drool: ) is that the threads on the Zamak head are starting to look tired. This is not an heirloom razor but at the price I have bought backups to see me out.
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