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Please put your hands together for our winners!

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

firstly, thank you all again for your particpation in our SOTD Christmas Week Photo Competition. I'm sure that everyone will agree that the shaving and the photography were all top class!
Secondly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank John (letterk) from West Coast Shaving for being our lead sponsor and generously donating a razor and 3 pucks of shave soap to make our prize pool attractive. Many thanks to Rob and Henry for adding to the glamour of the event by contributing prizes as well.
Initially we chose a photo from each of 10 contestants to make the Final and asked our B+B membership to vote. The shavers have spoken and I would like you all to put your hands together to congratulate:

our Grand Prize winner: doghair (Kevin)


our Runner-Up speedy


and the winner of the draw for our Consolation Prize blugill

Congratulations Gentlemen! I will be contacting you all shortly via PM to collect some postal details and we will arrange for the prizes to be delivered shortly.
Congratulations to the winners! The photos were fantastic.

Thanks John, Henry and Rob for donating the prizes.:thumbup1:


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The contrast in the winner's photo is stunning. Congrats to the winner and to the runner-up as well. Nicely done. :thumbup1:
Beautiful work by all of the entrants. That was a very hard decision to make for my vote. Congratulations doghair and speedy!
All did a magnificent job coming up with ideas for the theme. Big thanks to those who participated, not like this shmo :blushing:


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Nice! Thank you for organizing and congratulation to the winner and all participants!
Thanks to everyone! This was pretty exciting. These guys are some pretty good photographers so I was very surprised at the outcome. Everyone had great pictures.
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