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Please help me identify this shaving set

In a box of mine that has been forgotten for many years, I found this gem:

Or at least part of this gem.

About two decades ago, my dad was going trough some old stuff and found this complete set that I took over because he was about to throw it out.
I thought it looked cool so I wanted to keep it but it was years before I joined this site and learned how to shave properly, so I just kept it as decoration.
The brush was worn out so we, brace yourselves, simply threw it out.

Moving around etc. it went into a box and was forgotten for years, until I found it agian last week.

Does anyone recognize this set because I'm trying to locate a new brush handle to replace the one we threw away.
I'm planning to simply replace any brush it happens to have because, why not.

It's a really cool set made with white marbe and, as far as I can tell, gold plated brass.

It might be bought from Italy as I don't really remember being able to find similar sets in Denmark around that time.

I hope someone here can save us from that very unfortunate decision.
JHL from Italy?
It really does look like a winner

Is been so long that I really don't even remember the brush handle

I feel even worse now that it seems we've thrown away a beautiful marble brush handle...
That certainly is a gorgeous set, congratulations! I hope you're able to find the replacement brush, or at least a brush handle. Please keep us updated.
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