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Please help identify Gillette Razor

So I'm in an antique store, and in with the usual over-priced Techs and razors with the baseplates upside down, I think I see a single ring. But it is not like the single rings I have. And the head is different for an old type, as it has the blade alignment tabs on the four corners. It is a Gillette, Made in Canada. Any thoughts?


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It's a Canadian Goodwill. Did you find it in Hungary? I'm asking because I found the very same setup, but was told it should come with a probak handle instead of this brass one. Maybe there were more handles designs. And I missed a matching Goodwill.

Haa! I was looking at it thinking this had a head like a Goodwill. But my other Goodwills (including one with a Probak handle are based on the Gillette New, not the OLD. Thank You
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