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Please help fix fatboy

The pliers method is good. Also, it often helps to tap the centre bar from above on the end where the gap is larger.

To avoid damage, use electrical tape over the pliers' serrations and use a block of wood if tapping on the centre bar.
I use a very small long flat head screw driver (covered with electrician's tape). Then, from the inside of the open silo doors, place screwdriver between where the door meets the hinge and gently (did I say gently) pry it out. There should be a little play and the doors loosens out, repeat again. Be gentle though.
You can use a thin flat screwdriver and gently pry up the end caps. Always do this when the doors are on the OPEN position.
Open up the Silo Doors and Tap down on the centre bar (on the end of the side where the gap is larger) this will twist the bar on it's pivot to give more gap at the opposite side.

Place a piece of wood against the top of the bar and tap the wood with a hammer.

I've done many of these and know how much of a 'whack' to give, but until you are used to the method, go easy.

If you get too much gap (by over-tapping) then just tap lighter on the opposite side and repeat until the gap is even.

Also include Krona's method too to give a perfect setting. Adjustables can be 'tuned' like fine engines :)

Haha it's all good, how would you go about fixing it
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