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Pleasantly surprised with the Maggard Slant head

Maggard Razors had their slant head on sale on Black Friday for $9, so I took a shot to see how I might like it. Here's a brief recap after two shaves.

First, I did some research on Maggard's slant head. I've never had a slant razor or used one. I'd read up on the potential for blade alignment possibilities, but frankly, I found zero issues with mine. I just slapped the top cap down on the counter, slid the blade over the posts, then dropped the base over that and tightened the handle. The blade made lovely crinkle sounds as it tightened, but I was expecting that. I took a second to look at the alignment of the blade to the base and cap, and all looked well.

I also paired it with a 'known quantity' blade that I trusted. I went with the green Astra SP. This is a blade that routinely gives me comfortable and efficient shaves.

On my first shave, I kept things simple. Two low-pressure passes and done with very little buffing. I wasn't chasing after anything but an acceptable shave, but the results were better than expected. I got close to a BBS with just that, and even my 'problem spots' were much closer without the usual buffing I have to do there. I had no mishaps, and the overall shave experience was non-dramatic, comfortable, and left me with no nicks, cuts, or irritation.

Shave two was my usual routine, and the results were very good once again. I made full three-and-a-half passes and my usual buffing pattern. It was a BBS with no mishaps.

So, I know two shaves with one blade aren't enough to declare victory, but I am at least very encouraged. I look forward to using this more in the future. My initial feelings are that this head is noticeably more efficient than some of my other ( admittedly mild ) favorites, but so far, with none of the drawbacks I've experienced with more aggressive razors I've used. This razor head seems to be a good balance.

** Stipulations: I routinely get good to great shaves with several razors and blades. I have been shaving with a DE since 2010, so I have many years of experience. I suspect I have easy-to-shave whiskers, so please don't take my results as any indication of your own with the same equipment.
I cannot argue with success!! Congratulations!! :thumbup::thumbup:
It was 'successful' in that I got a safe, comfortable, and very acceptable shave. It wasn't the whisker laser you might expect after reading some people talk about slants :)

I'm happy with the purchase. If it keeps shaving the way I've perceived it so far, it will stay a regular member of my rotation, but it will need further testing.
Shave 3 was slightly different. Today I got to experience the 'bite' of a slant. I got a tad lackadaisical and started to treat the slant like my Rockwell or my SLOC, and it reminded me it is not to be trifled with. I ended up with two small nicks that I never even felt happen.

Otherwise, it was another fairly successful shave; even the nicks were minuscule. I don't even really feel them, and there is no irritation.
SuperSlant ( Marvel or DC?) appears to a great option and interesting design. For me, don't think I am ready to shell out 130 +, without additional plates ($). Someday over the rainbow, I like to scoop up a used konsul first. But if $$$ just fell out of the sky, I be all over both.....BFX

Tell the truth, but tell it slant. Emily Dickinson
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