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Pleasantly surprised by Yaqi

So I bought my Dad a Yaqi Familia for $5 on Aliexpress and it finally arrived yesterday. At first I thought it was too small to be good, it's tiny compared to my Stirling badger. After messing around with a few lathers I'm a believer. It lathers easier and better than my Stirling, I'm kind of blown away right now to be honest... SmartSelect_20201020-201925_Instagram.jpg SmartSelect_20201020-202107_Instagram.jpg
I'm with ya.... I use an Omega 637 silvertip at home and got a yaqi for travel. I was really impressed with it and it was about $15 of well spent money.
I acquired a lot of yaqi brushes recently and to be honest I couldn't be happier. Absolutely fantastic brushes with good quality knots and amazing handles. If you get the chance get one of their badgers.
I purchased the Yaqi 22mm Sagrada Familia two band badger from Aliexpress recently. I'm really enjoying it and haven't used any of my other brushes since.
Can't wait for mine to arrive. It's on its way. I've heard a lot about Yaqi brushes and how good they were, especially this particular one in the picture.

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+++. Fully agree on the quality of Yaqi brushes. I have several synths Of various size and knots and a two band badger. All meet my very high standards. 😄🤪
Seriously, all are great.
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