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Pleasant Surprise - Gel Tips

I recently put together a 22 mm brush using a handle sourced from Classic 2012 (Misteso) and a finest badger knot from ABCRE (the new name for ACE). I put together two other brushes that nigh (different configurations, but one of them was a 19 mm finest badger from the same source).

The 22 mm brush didn't seem to want to clean up when shampooed and test lathered. It still felt oily although there was no odor or discoloration. Finally on closer look I could see that it had hooked tips. So I decided to shave with it exclusively for a few days to see how it worked. At first it was harder to lather, somewhat like an overly dense brush.

Finally I decided to try soaking it while I showered, like I do with a boar brush. I have never found the need to soak a badger brush before, but the results was heavenly. It lathered easily and the face feel was even better than my most treasured brush, a super silvertip.

Evidently the tips had been treated, or perhaps I should say, over treated. Whatever happened I'm pleased.

I intended to make the brush as a gift, but I'm keeping it!


Cheaper than ink
Being unfamiliar with the Classic 2012 Misteso I'm going to put in a request for a pic of your new creation. Thanks!

edit: Maseto?
Being unfamiliar with the Classic 2012 Misteso I'm going to put in a request for a pic of your new creation. Thanks!

edit: Maseto?

Here are your pictures.


The three brushes I made that day. The one on the right is the one with gel tips.


Here it is by itself


Here is a close up showing the hooked tips


Here it is in lather


Finally, in the mug with lather
Very nice job of placing your knots in the brushes, there are video's on gelled brush knots and it seems they are treated chemically so the tip of the hairs hook and with when they get wet they clump together giving a softer feel from my understanding. Never had a gelled knot in my badger brushes. Sometimes you gain something but you have to give up something to the brush. If it is soft and has reasonable scrub and still a good lather painter it is a Win Win in my mind.
This morning I forgot to soak the brush while showering and used it anyway. The first thing I noticed before wetting the brush is the a sort of crispy feeling when the brush was dry was less than before.

I proceeded as I usually do with a badger brush, dampening the entire brush, squeezing out the excess, then adding a little more to just the tip and proceeded to make lather. It performed like any other high end badger with the exception that it was still a really nice soft face feeling brush.

Maybe as the brush settle down it will become less fussy about a pre-soak and still provide gel-tip performance.
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