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Playin in the mud!!!

Thought some of you might want to see what I was doing the other night......"NO SNAKES WERE HARMED IN THE PROCESS"
We actually drove through a creek to get all the mud off of the tires and undercarriage before these pics were took.
Since you decided to pick on me here and in the mods forum.....Ill show you a car that if it wasnt for the height factor would outdo alot of 4x4 trucks out there. I have actually went through areas in east tx., love lady to be exact with this car that a 4x4 dodge diesel was stuck in and while he told me not to pass through I laughed at him and went on through.
mark the shoeshine boy said:
something about that trucks that screams "IMA REDNECK WOMAN, AIN'T NO HIGH CLASS BROAD"


And I dont leave my christmas lights on all year round either....lol
Thats cute.............its ok if your jealous. I know your just as much of a redneck GENTLEMAN as I am.... :001_tt2: who would love to be playin in the mud
my other car is a yugo

I think I see it nderneath....interesting story...even though Big Foot is a st louis based business...he got his start just about 20 miles from where i am sitting. My boss use to ride the same creek bottoms down here in south East Missouri as big foot did. If you ever watch the history of Bigfoot, they will mention this fact.

See ...y'all thought we didnt have no class....

mark tssb
Will im not a big fan of dodge trucks that one in particular with the polished black lip on the rims looks nice.
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