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Platinum Plaisir medium nib

My in-laws got me a new pen for Christmas. It's a Platinum Plaisir in red, with a medium nib. They ordered a converter with it, but that is on backorder at Goulet. So I have it currently inked with the Platinum black cartridge the pen came with.

I'm really impressed with the quality of this pen! It's got a solid feel to it and the nib is smooth with a little spring. The feed seems generous (at least with this ink). It writes on the fine side of medium.

I'm not so impressed with the Platinum black ink. It's not very saturated so it seems washed-out. Once I have the converter, I'll ink it up with Diamine Red Dragon.
Good to know! I bought myself 2 Plaisirs last month, one Fine, one Medium, when they were on sale through the "Ink Drop" membership... but because of the converters being out of stock, I hadn't inked it up yet (didn't want to use a cartridge...) Maybe I'll throw one of them in my travel bag with me and try it out over the holidays though...
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