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Platinum Izumo or Waterman 52 Red Ripple

Good morning everyone and hope you are keeping safe.
I've discovered the Platinum Izumo set of pens which roughly cost around GBP 500.
I've always wanted a Waterman 52 Red Ripple ever since I got involved with fountain pens thirty odd years ago.
Not having the money then nor now got me thinking. Where would I put the money if I had it ?
If I'm not mistaken the Izumo is an urushi pen, I like this finishing on pens.
The Waterman 52 Red Ripple is also an ebonite pen but vintage. I already have a 52 so I assume that the nibs are similar and so is the writing.
Obviously there are various models of the Red Ripple, I've seen a 58 and the colour banded ones too.

What puzzles me though is that I've seen various Red Ripples that look as if they have just been bought.

I was shown some, extremely ancient, illuminated manuscripts and they looked as if they had just been delivered by the artists, could this be the case for these Red Ripples as well ?

Do fake Red Repples exist ? Maybe they do as do 'vintage' Duofolds
The Red Ripples surface frequently on UK websites, some at extortionate prices and some more affordable.
So where could I put the money, on a 52 or a 58 or acolour band one ?
Thank you


A little poofier than I prefer
I'm on Team Izumo. Those are gorgeous pens. :drool: And if you're looking at Izumo's, then you're into the start of Nakaya territory too. Seriously awesome pens.

So I'm not familiar with the Red Ripple specifically, but from what I have seen, Waterman 52's are very popular with the vintage flex nib set. That drives up prices. Of course, condition is a big driver too. Buying vintage pens can be kind of dicey. I would recommend going through a reputable vender, even if it costs a little more.
Another vote for the Izumo, I adore mine!

While I do love my Izumos the red ripple ebonite was quite popular and available from several makers. There are very few people making ebonite anymore but one maker still going strong is Eboya from Tokyo. They make most of the ebonite used by Platinum and other Japanese fountain pen makers as well as pens under their own name. They currently stock a red ripple pattern and can make a fountain pen for you at a very reasonable cost. I have two of their Natsumi style pens, a small one in a blue ripple pattern and a medium size Natsumi in the red ripple.


Here is the smaller in blue and once the sun comes up I'll try to get a picture of the other one.
Honestly just forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me.

Here we go:

On top a Houju Gem in Kunpuu (woodland green) and bottom the Natsumi in Tanshin (mottled red).

2 Eboya.jpg
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