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Plating starting to flake need advice



Hi Guys
For the past week I’ve been using an old safety razor I recently purchased on eBay.
It’s an old German open comb razor. I cleaned and sanitised it before use, no issues. Just this morning I removed the blade to give it a clean and noticed what I think is the plating starting to flake off underneath the top cap. I cleaned the razor with a soft bristle toothbrush and dishwashing detergent as I was doing this more of the plating starting peeling off. The final result after cleaning you can see in the pictures. The rest of the razor including the top of the top cap is immaculate. No plate loss or flaking anywhere and very shiny, The issue is only under the cap.
Will this plate loss effect the razor in anyway long term? I’m a little worried about this.
Please see the pictures any advice Is greatly appreciated.
I posted pictures of the razor about a week ago under the thread “The lion Safety razor”
Not sure if the razor is brass or Zamak.

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Hello, it' brass, no worries. The plating was either too thick, or the surface wasn't clean so the top layer separated. Had a Wilkinson Sticky with slight plate loss, the nickel could be pulled off in one piece from the doors.
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