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Plated Steel Handle Classic Razors?

I have two Ever-Ready 1914 and one Gem Damaskeene razors that have plated steel handles rather than plated brass. The handles are round and fully checkered. WW1 made when there was a shortage of Brass for civilian use due to it all being used for the war effort?

Any other early steel handled razors out there?

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A check of my Eagle DeLuxe razor with a magnet shows that it also has a plated steel handle. All of my steel handled razors are circa WW1 I suspect so brass may have mostly been diverted to war production. With another Gem Damaskeene on the way with what looks like a steel handle my count of such razors may be up to 5.

All of the Damaskeenes I have seen have plated steel handles, with the exception of a few very early open comb models which have tubular plated brass handles similar to the lather catchers.

The first generation of 1914's (the ones in the plush lined leather covered wooden boxes) came with plated steel handles similar (but not identical) to the Damaskeene handles. Later models had various plated brass handles.

Why? Who knows? Possibly a wartime brass shortage, although the heads were still made of brass.

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