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PJOEL2 Review

(This is soooo going to get me banned...) In honor of Joel's birthday, and based on a suggestion by shaveblog, I picked up a PJOEL2 brush. Here is a review.


Quality: Let me tell you, as soon as I saw this one I KNEW it was high quality. I mean, just look at that build construction. Only top notch material is used in this bad boy.

Density/Knot Style: You can see this is more of the German dome style. That seems to be all the rage these days. I measure the knot at about 110mm, which most would call a "large" brush. The hair is a little on the short side, so this is probably more of a soap brush.

Boy is this thing DENSE! Check out the pinch test.


Stiffness/Softness of Tips: This hair is so luxuriously soft on your face, which is very odd for black pure hair with hooked ends. I was expecting scritchy, but I got soft and smooth. I think I heard this hair will look more like silvertip as it ages, so I'm going to hold on to this for a while.

Ergonomics: I just love grabbing this thing by the neck and mashing it into my soap.

Aesthetics: Uhh...I'll leave it up to you to decide on this one. However, I will say the looks are markedly improved with the optional brush holder (be warned, it's VERY expensive).


If you don't get the brush holder, you can always just hook it on a nail with one of the openings.

Latherability: Because of the short hair, this brush shines with soaps. It consumes massive amounts of Tabac. Here it is lathered up.


Price: The initial price is very reasonable, but please note there are some high maintenance costs. To clean the brush, the manufacturer states it should be soaked in high-end whiskey and a QED French Green Clay mud mask.

Overall: I'm very happy to have my PJOEL2 brush in my rotation. Now I wish it would stop reviewing all the other shaving supplies I have in my cupboard.

Happy Birthday Joel! It's in the Barbershop. It's a joke! Really! Nick said I could do it!

Does this count as an entry into the new contest?
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I kinda like the brush holder, would keep that and scrub the brush, lol

Happy Birthday Joel

That is just so wrong.

OK, how long before that megalomaniac Mark TSSB replies to this thread with his own picture on a brush?
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