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Pizza. What's the best part? What "makes" it?

I'm sitting here staring at a piece of Mediterranean Pizza from Boston Pizza.

It's soooo good.

Here's my question (as I'm about to take a bite).
What part of the pizza do you like best? I mean, what part "makes" it for you?
What part HAS to be awesome and you just won't compromise.


I really don't know.
I'll have to think about this.
I feel like I need everything for it to be great pizza. I will say that I think the dough is the most underrated part for most people. I'm part Italian, so the old school style is what I grew up on and still consider the best pizza.
For leftovers, the crust/dough is tops on my list.
Well, that's what I'm eating right now so that's what's on my mind.

A good sauce on a nice fresh pizza is good too.
I can really appreciate every part of it, including the dough/crust that seems to be everybody's default answer to questions like this, but what's most important to me is the sauce.
Everything ties together to be equally important in a great pizza. Ultimately though it comes down to the dough & the sauce.
Its the toppings for me. I like it with The Works, but can't go for pineapple. Anchovies on the side.

Best pizza I ever had was in Venice, Italy. They put out a pie called "Il Mundo" (The World) and it had EVERYTHING.
On another trip we ordered "Vesuvio" which was shaped like a miniature volcano with a poached egg in the crater.
When I visited Itally I had salami, mystery cheese, tomatoes, olives, peppers, mushrooms, and onions, on a garlic bread crust with some spices. I also like meatlovers pizza with jalapenos. Green olives and banana peppers will make any pizza.
It's everything together but the key is not to have too much of everything.

Thin crust and not too much sauce and toppings makes it for me.
There's a part in a book called American Pie that I totally agree with.

"I judge pizzas this way: the crust I judge on a scale of one to ten, the sauce and toppings on a scale of one to two.” - Jeffrey Steingarten

“So you’re telling me that the crust is at least five times more important than the sauce and toppings?” - Peter Reinhart

“At least, but probably more.” - Jeffrey Steingarten
I'm in the boat of it all having to work equally well, but the thing that can quickly ruin any pizza regardless of topping is a soggy base
Our pizza must have our homemade crust which my wife and I have refined over the past 25 years. Our favorite topping, by far, is the Pueblo Green Chili!
I think it is the crust. I have had some amazing pizza and some really bad pizza. One thing I have noticed is that a mediocre pie can be made much better by the simple addition of some quality crust.

My rule: if you walk in and the employees speak Italian and can barely speak English, the pizza is probably very good. I have never been to Italy, but there are some amazing pizza places in Germany that are run by Italians.
It's been so long since I have had a "shop made pie" that I can't recall what they taste like.

I make my own dough and sauce and spice my own Italian sausage (no I don't make the cheese or grow the veggies).



Personally the crust is what makes a pizza great. Without a great crust the rest of the pizza will fall short. Secondly would be the right amount of sauce too much makes it soggy. Selection of toppings need to be fresh.
I like thin crust pie. Neo-Neopolitan. My wife likes big thick crust. Like Chicago or heavy topped thick crust Americana.

I can go either way on commercial yeast or sourdough. I make both.

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