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Pizza? I got your pizza, right here!


Back in the mid-70's I was working for the state Parole Commission. Got transferred from the coast to Belle Glade. Hardly a thriving cosmopolitan area.
At the time, nary a pizza could be found outside of the frozen foods section. Not unlike here at the moment. So...I
learned. I soon was able to create a pie on a level with many of the better pizza places I had patronized over the years. Now we return to those wonderful days of yesteryear. More to follow....


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That looks good, Tim. We usually just buy a ready made crust, but I bet one made from scratch would be much better. I guess I need to look up a recipe.

Now we return to those wonderful days of yesteryear. More to follow....
I'm anxiously awaiting the next episode.

SWMBO prohibits pie. She says it is not good for me. I say..... So what.....

Been a few years (2017) since my last pie baking. I'll only have pizza from one pizzeria and SWMBO says 1) it is too far. 2) we have a dog so have to eat outside (funky neighborhood lots of panhandlers). 3) pizza is not good for you.

I refuse to buy and bring home. Nothing worse than soggy crust. Fresh out of the over crispt crust. NO chain oven pies (those are for burger king not pizza)



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My lovely wife worked in a pizzeria all the way through hi skool.

You should see her throw the dough!

Yep, no way is anything better than what she can do. Don't tell her I said that.


about 2 cups AP flour. White Lily preferred
1 pkg. quick acting yeast
around a cup of water...very close to 110 degrees. Not hotter.
1 tsp brown sugar
teaspoon or so kosher salt.
Dissolve sugar and yeast In the 110 degree water. Use something around a 2 cup size. Proof yeast. 10 minutes or so. Toss salt into the flour. Stir it up. Add activated yeast. Knead by hand or use mixer with bread hook. Mix until the proper consistency. It should not be sticky. If needed...Add water and or flour to get it right
roll into ball. Cover with tea towel Place in big bowl in warm draft-free place for a couple hours. Dough rises... punch down, let rise again.
Fun stuff begins in about 4 hours.
When you order, ask them not to slice it and slice it when you get it home. That can help keep the crust crisp.
Yup, that is part of my standard pizza order, and then I turn the oven on to 500 degrees so when it arrives I can toss it in for 3-5 minutes to get it piping hot again before cutting it.
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