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Pirate's Cove Shaving Soaps

I just received their mandarin soap in the mail today, and I've used their coconut before.

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these soaps? I know I've seen people talk about them and there are a few reviews.

I love the scents! They are really nice. The lather leaves a little to be desired, (although this was my first soap, so my technique more than likely left a LOT to be desired!) but for $5 shipped you can't beat it with a big nasty stick. So, opinions?
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Never tried Pirates Cove soaps but I know Mama Bear's glycerin based soaps lather like there is no tomorrow. They lather like a dream.

Just got her Orange Orange shave soap in the mail yesterday.
I like citrus scents, they are very refreshing & uplifting, especially helps with all the rain we get here in Vancouver over winter season. :001_smile
I've tried their Bay Rum and Ginger, and Coconut and have had excellent shaves with both of them. I've had no problems getting rich ,thick lather and they smell great. I just received their Mandarin Orange, Lime and Bay Rum and Lime today. Their service has also been outstanding. Highly Recommended.


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Sun'ova .... damn... I am now *this* close to placing an order for the Mandarin orange....

I have a puck of their bay rum and it is good.
Sun'ova .... damn... I am now *this* close to placing an order for the Mandarin orange....

I have a puck of their bay rum and it is good.
It smells amazing! It's well worth $5 if you ask me! You can smell it in the next room! Albeit faint, my point stands.
Just a side note. You can order 2 soaps from them for the lowest level of shipping ($2). When you go 3 soaps that is when the shipping increases... So 1 soap for $5 shipped, or 2 for $8 shipped.
On the website, they do look large, but they also look a little thinner.

And yes BD1970... I did use the shipping justification... Probably will in the future as well...
Very good soap.....I am biased b/c it was my very first shave soap(lime to be exact) and only have menthol in my rotation now. But very good quality and Tim puts alot of time into them. It took him nearly 6 months to perfect the menthol and mandarin. His menthol is the perfect chillness and not overpowering like MB Awakenings(which I do enjoy). Good product at a damn good price! Just order 2 though;)
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