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This is a little hard to explain but try to follow me.

I was on P&C purchasing a couple of gifts and after adding a couple tins of their Hearth & Home line noticed they have some sort of promotional discount going on those, and if you buy $75 dollars worth of merchandise they add a $13 dollar calendar which also is added into the gross total. When that Gross total is over $100 you get free shipping, but then the calendar and the discount on the H&H tins is credited back. So basically I ordered $100 worth of stuff, got free shipping, and only paid $76

Name Code Qty Each Options
McClelland Christmas PT-MAE0100 2 15.89
Cheer 2013 Limited
Edition (100g Tin)
Hearth & Home Marquee PT-HMA0042 1 8.95
Black House (1.5oz tin)
Hearth & Home Marble Kake PT-HSX0042 1 7.49
(1.5oz tin)
Hearth & Home Anniversary PT-HSH0042 1 7.49
Kake (1.5oz tin)
Hearth & Home Classic PT-HSM0042 1 7.49
Burley Kake (1.5oz tin)
Hearth & Home LJ Heart PT-HSV0224 1 17.99
Virginia (8oz tin)
2014 Pipe Calendar M-PNCMISC3 1 12.95 Free-Item = Only with Free 2014
Pipe Calendar with $75 Purchase
Hearth & Home Vermont PT-HBD0028 2 2.95
Meat Candy (by the ounce)
Subtotal 100.04
Discount -24.02
Subtotal 76.02
Shipping 0.00
Tax 0.00
Total 76.02
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