Pipe Tobacco as joined us this afternoon!

Discussion in 'Stone Cottage Shaving' started by MilfordNJGuy, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. MilfordNJGuy

    MilfordNJGuy Vendor

    Well, Gentlemen, we have added 5 new scents in the last few days to total of 24 different scents for our Stone Cottage Premium Shaving Cream! Pipe Tobacco has joined us today!

    "Pipe Tobacco - The strong, sweet and rich scent of Pipe Tobacco is a most appealing scent to gentlemen with the aroma of Tobacco leaves and sweet Vanilla which form the base of this very handsome scent"

    Check them out here!:

    Shaving Cream Sample Pack

    I'll start looking through my file of 6,655 that I have written and see if I can find more to make!
  2. pbrmhl

    pbrmhl Contributor

    David, can we assume you’ll be making Pipe Tobacco in the full-size tubs?
  3. MilfordNJGuy

    MilfordNJGuy Vendor

    Scott, can I assume that you'll be buying one if I make Pipe Tobacco in a full-size tub? :1eye:

    Seriously, I created five new labels this afternoon, one for each of the new scents and I was planning on filling the tubs in the near future. I have found through experience that the samples sell more quickly than the full size containers so now I rush to get the samples filled! But that means that I have everything ready with all the production batches to get the tubs filled and ready to photograph and put up on the site! Remember, I now have 24 scent offerings and am planning on doing more this week! That will give you gentlemen quite a bit of choices here at Stone Cottage Shaving!
  4. Snurgblat

    Snurgblat Contributor

    So many choices, so little time.
  5. pbrmhl

    pbrmhl Contributor

    I certainly don't need it, but I plan Pipe Tobacco in a full tub to be my next shaving purchase...
  6. MilfordNJGuy

    MilfordNJGuy Vendor

    So evnpar , I forgot about this post and found it today and I think this should answer the question you had yesterday in the shaving cream board about full-sized containers!

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