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Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

After finishing my baggie of PS LNF, I'm moving onto my baggie of John Patton's Cool Hand Fluke to finish off.

Bowl of that in my freshly cleaned H Cor.

It was getting grimy from all of the bowls I've smoked recently, so I cleaned it up with some Everclear dipped q-tips.


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I had a sudden hankerin' for FVF, so I cracked open a fresh tin of five year old, plume-covered goodness...

Some more of the 2003 Haddo's in my Dunhill Bent Bulldog on the way to lunch with my old co-workers.

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I'm holding out for when the boxes of FVF start getting sold again. I'm not a fan of it fresh, so if I'm going to sit on it, might as well sit on 250g of it.

Claudel Xerxes

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Ohhh man that looks good. I am trying to burn through some of my open containers as fast as I can and then FVF is right at the top of the list when I start cracking new tins...
That's what I was saying in the HDHD thread! Save your 8yo. Crack the almost 5 year old FVF.
Mine POTD was two cobs, one with 507c Virginia flake, and the other was SG Commonwealth. That stuff is like Squadron Leader on steroids to me. Inaugural bowls of each for me. Never had either until tonight.


Rattray's 7 and MB Vintage Syrian in my Briarworks Location. First bowls in a while cause I've been feeling funky but after shooting the bull with the old timers at the shop and smoking those I felt much better...
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