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Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

Having a (big) bowl of a personal blend called Midnight Special in my self-made applewood poker, The Mighty Thud. Toasted burley, toasted cav, a wisp if KDF, and a hammer-blow of perique. Yummy. Enjoyed while carving a new pipe. Walnut, this time.
$POTD2 007.JPG
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OGS in a Mer(the stamping is worn and faint, it think that's what it says?) Superb Briar. Not even sure where this pipe came from :|. But it smokes wonderfully.

I had some Three Nuns in a BBB Two Star. For lunch, I will be having Mac Baren Old Dark Fired in an Arlington straight, banded, Dublin.
My first go with PS LNF, very nice tobacco. It's straight forward and priced well. It strikes me as one of those tobaccos I'd reach for if I just want to smoke and concentrate on other things. Not to down play the flavour at all it's worthy of consideration. It's in the vain of Orliks to my humble palette.
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