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Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

Very nice! How you like the Erinmore?
I liked it quite a bit. Been wanting to try it for a few weeks now (among many others), and finally decided to crack the tin.

Rubbed it out about five minutes before packing, instead of doing the fold/stuff. One char light, and one re-light after, and smoked it to ash. I'm no expert, but I found it crisp, and medium bodied, with a little hint of fruitiness for the first third of the bowl or so. It stiffened up part way through the bowl, and lost some of the fruitiness, but tasted great right through. Not too light, not too strong. I'm still inexperienced enough that I'm not easily able to identify the flavour profile of each tobacco, but I liked this stuff. Will definitely re-visit.


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After smoking VAs & VAPers almost exclusively for the past few weeks, something a little different tonight: a big bowl of Bob's Chocolate Flake in my monstrous IMP meer...


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The wife and baby are visiting her family for the night. I broke out the hookah, and am a couple manhattans into the best worst movie ever, The Miami Connection.
A perfect morning. Frog Morton in my MM. Cup of coffe. Morning sun shining through the trees and giving just enough warmth to make it possible to sit outside. Kids still sleeping.

The day will certainly be hectic but right now and right here it it is just me and blue smoke trailing upwards the white clouds. I once read that a pipe is the crutch for the soul and I feel the truth in those words today.
I relaxed instantly after reading this post. Thank you.
Solani Silver Flake (my broken love record) in my newest addition to the cob family.
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It's been above 35°c all day, thick, humid, sweaty and nasty. The thunderstorm is rolling in and bringing the first pats of rain and it's welcome, cool breeze. Enjoying this under the house to catch as much of the breeze as possible. Perfect.
Where did you get those bowls/ashtrays from?
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