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Pipe Of The Day (POTD)


With a great avatar comes great misidentification
Interesting ... do you pronounce them the same?

I was under the impression, that Bosun was just the "idle" spelling of Boatswain (or the spelling for those who have heard the word, but may never seen it written in full), much like Gunwale is sometime seen written as Gunnel. Maybe things evolved differently on your side of the puddle.
We pronounce Boatswain as "boat-sun" but we'd never call a Boatswains Mate just "boat-sun" because it would sound to similar to Bosun (where the "t" is noticeably dropped in pronunciation). Boatswain Mates are either called Boatswain Mates, "boats" or "BMs" for short. A Bosun is simply called Bosun.
Up this afternoon: WC Old Dominion in a Meer that I "carved" myself some 35 - 40 years ago. It was a kit pipe, so I mostly shaped it after I figured out I am no carver. Our son's dog got hold of it several years ago and left a few tooth marks and destroyed the stem. I replaced the stem and left the tooth marks; I'm glad I did as he had to put his dog down a few weeks ago, so it is a nice reminder of a good dog. Note that the dog was large enough that if he had been inclined, he could have easily destroyed the entire pipe, but he just carried it around.
Also smoking EGR in a straight no name meer prince. Then the remainder of the Old Dominion topped with some LBF remnants in an Abe Herbaugh Blasted Brandy with a bamboo stem.
This afternoon, preparing for a two week or so jaunt to the Rio Grande Valley to visit our grandkids (and their parents). We plan to leave around 4 AM for our 15 hour drive. Today I'm smoking Sutliff 150 Mark Twain in a Savinelli Bing's Favorite; then Peterson Irish Oak in a GBD Number 5 Billiard with a thin saddle stem.


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Same reason new blends keep coming out that are really good, and make me want to stash up even more leaf, despite knowing I'll likely never smoke through what I already have on hand.
In hindsight maybe instead of having 10 pounds of LBF and LNF I should have bought 4 pounds of premium tinned. Time will tell if I die with tobacco left over in the cellar.
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