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Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

Some Tinder Box VBL, Black Cavendish obviously, in one of my favorites, a thick-walled sitter Lorenzo. Either I packed it too tightly, or this stuff is too old or thick to burn right. I had to keep relighting and drawing hard. At last I gave up, knocked it out, let it cool a bit, then loaded a half bowl of Half and Half. Much much better!

I'll have to post a pic to see what you think the shape of this pipe is. But I've enjoyed the pipe since 1985, repaired the cracked shank, and replaced the vulcanite stem with a black acrylic.
No pipe tonight, as I got home fairly late, and the wind was kicking up quite a bit with rain on the way. I contented myself with running a pipe cleaner dipped in sweetener (cheap vanilla extract, if matters) through the pipe I plan to smoke next, my Savinelli near-straight sandblast billiard, and leaving it apart to air out completely. Tomorrow or Wednesday, who knows. And my small tin of EGR Blend should be here this week, too!
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