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Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

Claudel Xerxes

Moderator Emeritus
I couldn't sleep, and ended up going through some of my pipes to occupy my time. Most of my pipes and tobacco have been boxed away since well before I moved in July. I came across this @Mike H clay with some tobacco already packed in it, so I smoked it. I have no clue what the blend was, but it tasted a bit like Honey Nut Cheerios. At the very earliest, it's been and there for at least a half a year. It was pretty decent though.



Wanting for wisdom
Moderator Emeritus
Samuel Gawith Lakeland Dark. The latest B&B pipe is amazing. I'm thinking I've had enough and will have to waste a half bowl. I use the ubiquitous pipe tool to empty the bowl . . . it was all done. I wish I'd thought to move my fingers a bit to show the nice shiny aluminum ring. The pipe is one of the most elegant looking pipes I own. Thank you Chris and Kent.
Lakeland and 2020 B&B Pipe.jpg
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