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Pipe Of The Day (POTD)


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While mowing the lawn I smoked my first ever Haunted Bookshop in a Nording Compass and a Falcon w/Plymouth bowl. Finished up and smoking my third in an Icarus stubby bent Apple. Cold Bud light on the side. The Haunted Bookshop is appropriate as I started reading Christopher Morley’s book of the same name this morning, after finishing Parnassus On Wheels.
It definitely a love it or leave it blend. I love it. I don’t remember if you have tried it yet, but OJK is like the juvenile delinquent big brother of HB.
What did you think of Haunted Bookshop? I am a fan of that blend. And Mrs. Rookie really likes it.

This is the first day in a few that I've been able to sit out for a pipe. So I loaded up some Bayou Morning into my bent H.I.S. and that's what I'm doing on my porch this evening. View attachment 1133222
I am finding it an interesting blend. I would have named it Haunted Hay Bale I think; that's what the tin note reminds me of, a slightly damp bale of alfalfa hay. I guess this is a BurPer with some Virginia thrown in for the fun of it. I'm loading up another bowl right now in a GBD Pedigree 5071 bent billiard. I'm glad I bought an 8oz can.
Loading up for some sermonizing on the patio with the aid of a few pipes. Haunted Bookshop in a GBD Pedigree bent billiard; WC Deluxe Crumb Cut in a quarter bent billiard that a friend of mine hand carved for my birthday - his first attempt at a pipe; finally, Red Rapparee in a Ron Powell smooth bamboo brandy.