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Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

Claudel Xerxes

Moderator Emeritus
Sorry, I got home a little later than expected. All three of my Series III Savs have the Sav shield/crest and "ITALY" lightly stamped under the shank.


Wanting for wisdom
Moderator Emeritus
It is amusing that I find myself doing the same John.

This night I revisited some Rattray's Professional Mixture. I'm from an era where folk smoked in the office. I didn't smoke at the time. I recall budget papers arriving at my desk that smelled so highly of smoke that it made me dizzy. I can almost imagine smoking this mix and working on numbers. It is pretty basic stuff but the little hint of oriental is just right to keep my interest.
Old Limey Bastard in my Ropp Rallye nosewarmer and a touch of Four Roses

This is my first nosewarmer, are they generally a little hotter than normal sized pipes? It would make sense I suppose, lovely little pipe though. It took a hell of a lot of cleaning up but I'm glad I can finally smoke it.