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Pipe Of The Day (POTD)


"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
CC7BEEA9-EEA0-4120-9ACA-297EC04697B3.jpeg Enjoying the rain on the screened in porch before the temperature falls into the 30’s tonight with some Squadron Leader in Sav 413 Capris


Used to have fun with Commander Yellow Pantyhose
SG Scottish Autumn Flake in my new Askwith bent billiard.

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Wiped out at 25
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@Kentos, nice Designer Kirsten. How do you like it? I just won a Vintage Kirsten on the bay, looking forward to it.
They are really great, but there is a short learning curve IMO if you aren’t used to a wider conical chamber, and the draft hole is smaller. Mine were all beaters from eBay, except the one above which was in remarkable good shape.

Kirsten sells replacement stems, but they are a bit on the pricier side IIRC, but well worth it to me.
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