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Pipe knife

Hey guys. Wondering what everyones thaughts on pipe knives are. Do they work decent. I have a real basic czech tool but would like something nicer. I have a blacksmith friend who is going to forge me a pipe nail. But i see alot of the knives on ebay for not bad prices and think i may get one at some point.


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I don't have one, don't really need one. If you chose to get one, make sure it has a rounded tip and be Very Careful to not carve any briar from your pipe chamber. Many a good pipe has been ruined with heavy handed use of an ordinary pocket knife. Unless you are dealing with heavy cake in an old pipe, you don't really need it, and even then, ordinary pipe reamers work just fine, but to each his own.
Buy the A.G. Russell pipe knife. [emoji1360]

I do like the looks of the black wood version. But also dont mind the all stainless sheffiled ones i see on the bay.


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I was also looking at them on EBay, but ended up getting the oyster shucker pipe knife from SP. It takes a few practice runs but now I can easily scrape the sides of my pipe chambers to where I like them to be, which is not a lot of cake.
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