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Pipe cleaning question

Hello gentleman, I think I am on the verge of getting my first pipe. I've been smoking cigars since I was in the Navy, ( little over 20 years ago) but I know nothing about pipes or tobacco outside of what I have learned from you gentleman reading the posts in here. With that said, I have found a few on the bay that I like, but some have a residue around the mouthpiece. Is cleaning this residue off easy with some kind of solution, or am I going to have to have to buff it out. I don't mind cleaning it the pipes, actually look forward to it as long as they can come clean without having to send them out for an overhaul.

As always thank you for your responses ahead of time.
Soak the mouthpiece in some everclear or bacardi 151 for a little while then wipe if reside with a paper towel or rag. Up until very recently all my pipes were used from the bay. Not counting cobs.
Also if there are teeth marks in it that you want to remove, hit a Sally Beauty and check out the nail file section. They have a very good selection of grits from very coarse to ones that you can use to polish that vulcanite out. If you're so inclined, you can also use a bit of beeswax on the stem to bring back the shine to it. Some guys also use caranuba wax too (that works well on the briar).

Since it wasn't mentioned, keep the alcohol away from the briar's finish, most pipes are stained w/alcohol based stains and it'll remove it if you get it on there.
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