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Pipe and Matches


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So I didnt wante to be bothered getting out my lighter, and noticed i had a box of Swan Vestas. So i pulled one out and gave it a go. I have to say that lighting a pipe with a match was pretty enjoyable. It gives you a much more relaxed view, watching the flame dance from tinder to tobacco. I highly recommend it.


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I remember some of my older relatives . . . I'm not a kid . . . who would use a match to lite a cigar, pipe, cigarette . . .

They would lite the match . . . and then talk with you is it burned down . . . then almost magically, when you figured they forgot what they were doing and were certainly going to burn their fingers . . . they would in a couple of puffs . . . light their smoke.


(yes yes yes I use ... way way way too much :001_tt2:)
I don't remember how my grandmother lit her cigarettes. I know there was a large mathcbox beside the gas range but I think that was there before their range had ignitors.

I know my grandfather on the other side of the family always had a Zippo.
I enjoy using matches for a pipe. It is more relaxing! But I also smoke in my enclosed porch, so I can use them anytime I please.

But, a bic is a lot easier for re-lights. If I'm going out fishing and taking the pipe (keeps skeeters away some!) I fill the Zippo with pipe insert!


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Anyone think a match has less heat than a butane lighter? As in the temp of the smoke is less when lighting?


Anyone think a match has less heat than a butane lighter? As in the temp of the smoke is less when lighting?
I think they are around the same temp, flame wise. But, with a match you have a way more limited amount of time to puff from the flame, so you may not get the initial lighting of the bowl as hot.
A match will always taste the best vs. a fluid. But you have to discard the match butt when done. No problem outside. But inside, that means walking around with an ashtray or container, or dropping them into Mrs. Columbo’s sink (and she doesn’t like that, especially if there is a colander around).

So inside, with the pipes, I use a piezo-fired Corona. The flint Zippos are bulletproof old-school alternatives, and a good bit cheaper. But I can taste the difference with the fluids. A really good butane is close to tasteless.

You can blow torch a bowl pretty badly with a lighter if you get stupid about it. If you can’t get a good light in a second or two with one, you are not doing it right. Give it a light tamp, and try again.

But a good match will usually burn long enough for a good light, pipe or cigar. Unlike a lighter, a match flame only pulls into the bowl on your draw, so you really have to go out of your way to over light with a match. I always tell beginning pipe smokers to start with matches. It’s a slower, easier learning experience, when habits, good or bad, are formed.

And not the fold open paper cigarette matches, but a legitimate wooden one. In a pinch, if not with a lighter, I will even swipe a handful of Mrs. Columbo’s Diamond kitchen matches before running outside. Cigarette matches are for the kids lighting up their first Swisher in the Wawa parking lot.