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Pipe and cigar Trade/Piff Poll

Should B&B allow members to trade/PIF Pipe tobacco or cigars?

  • I am in favor of tobacco trades/PIFs for pipe and cigar as outlined below and may participate.

  • I wouldn't want to participate but I do not object to allowing others to trade/PIF as described.

  • I would not participate and I do object to tobacco trades/PIFs for pipe and cigar as outlined below.

Results are only viewable after voting.
I have kept my mouth shut on this issue for several days, but I cannot take it anymore so here is my 2 cents. First of all, I voted in the poll and although I do not smoke, I think it would be fine if those who did wanted to PIF and swap items. I think the fact that many people do not want it in the B/S/T area, but rather in its own sub-forum should be taken into serious consideration. Personally, I do not really want to be scrolling though tobacco products in the B/S/T forum either (although, I would get over it...it is not something I would leave the site over).

I have not seen much discussion here over whether or not propping up tobacco use on this site may affect membership. While I doubt many current users would leave if members began trading tobacco, is it possible that people may be less likely to sigh up for this site if they are lurking and see tobacco being promoted? Just something to think about.

I just want to re-iterate, I think those of you who smoke should be able to PIF and swap. I am not the type who wants something outlawed just because I do not like it. But I think it would be in everyone best interest to set up a sub-forum within the brown leaf.


Moderator Emeritus
Thank you to everyone who participated the poll is now closed. We will take the input given by the membership here seriously as consider things further.
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