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Pinning rods - lessons learned!

Well, I've restored probably over 30 razors so far. Having lots of fun. However I've noticed on a LOT of them, the pins are turning dull. I figured it was the type of brass rod I was using that maybe wasn't a good sample somehow. The first few restores that I did were with some pins that I bought from members here and they are still very nice & shiny.

So I find the original K&S rods package in which came the rods which I had bought off ebay. Lo and behold, they are COPPER and not brass!!

This is so so frustrating!! I used these pins for at least 15-20 of the razors!! And looking at my collection its quite obvious which are pinned with brass vs copper!!!

I don't know yet if I will go and repin them all with brass, but I think so...its just too frustrating to see the pins get darker while the washers are still a nice shiny gold color.

At least I am definitely better at pinning now, so I guess it would result in a better job for most of them... :-/
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Enjoy the difference! Copper is fine. WHo cares if it develops a patina? But if you care, polish gently with brasso, wipe it good and clean, and hit it carefully with clear fingernail polish. It will stay shiny a long time.

You might like Nickel-Silver better. Much more durable but still soft enough to peen fairly easy.
You can buy brass nails for 2 dollar for 100ct at ace hardware... Mine are still shiney from some I repinned last year... If u reuse some washer and at that price I would just fix them... U want Ur personal collection to be perfect
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yeah I just ordered some brass rods on ebay (5 rods/12 inches for $9 shipped). I guess I will try to be very gentle when unpinning them to save the washers.

I'd keep them as-is if it didn't oxidize so fast, and the washers weren't bright n shiny in comparison.

I already use stainless steel nails for a silver-look, but I'm thinking silver nickel rods would definitely make it easier (and it would mushroom a little bit more). Just have to find the right hobby shop.

What are you guys using for silver washers? I have some #0 size stainless steel washers from microfasteners, but these are larger than the brass ones of the same size (no idea why). They look alright on some razors, while on some others it looks a bit off.

P.S. I just got back from the dentist to have a crown put in place. I wonder why kind of glue they use for it to stick together! I almost regret not asking, I'm thinking it could be useful to fix some cracks in ivory/bone! lol
You don't have a link by any chance? I haven't been able to find anything shipped up North for a decent price.
If you have hobby lobby up there, check them out. I found brass, nickel, and copper rod that fits the bill perfectly. 6- 12 inch rods for $3.99.
My local hobby shop ( RC cars, trains etc ) has 6 ft of K&S for $2.79. Comes in 2-3 ft lengths. 18 ft and I'm good to go.

Early on I too had used steel ( finishing nails) but with cold rolled steel they rusted pretty quick. Wanted something silver, didn't know about nickel. I've re-pinned them.
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I just made an order from here actually for the nickel silver rods, it'll be a change from the stainless steel nails:

Found it in another old thread, they have some decent prices for shipping compared to all the other sites I've seen so far.

Brass ones are already on their way from ebay.

I have quite a few pinning sessions ahead of me. Luckily copper is so soft most of the razors should unpin fairly easily. I now understand why it was so easy and fast to pin them... lol
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