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Pinaud Yu

Apparently a fragrance sold -- as near as I can figure -- only as a gift set of cologne, aftershave, and soap-on-a-rope in 1968,
Pinaud Yu is pretty much unavailable and untraceable. Has anyone smelled it? Does anyone have it?
I do what I can so that others can be yelled at by their wives for buying stuff that they don't need so that I am not alone in being yelled at.

Haha! Yeah, we've all been there! As far as I know, Pinaud Yu was their entry into the Oriental Fougere craze of the 1960's. Yu was meant to tap into the same market as Hai Karate and Jade East. I expect that Yu smells quite a bit like both of these green, Asian-themed mens colognes of the period.


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Ha! I wish I could smell this.

To anyone who hasn't tried vintage Avon Tai Winds, do so and be prepared for your socks to be involuntarily blown from their feet!