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Pinaud smells like a baby's butt

After searching for a nice after shave, I came across raving reviews about Clubman/Pinaud. I ordered three variants (mistake), including the original. I tried the original today and can only imagine the others. This stuff burns, I mean really burns my entire face and neck became red, but perhaps I used to much. I said okay, hang in there, it must cool because it's an aftershave. It did the opposite, it made my face warmer. ***. I didn't wash it off, I kept it to see what happens and it never cooled.

But the smell. Wow. It smells like a baby's ***. Is Pinaud baby powder mixed with alcohol? I can't smell any of the spices and fragrance people were talking about it, it's just powder smelling.

Any suggestion for a nice after shave that doesn't cost too much?
I have been using the proraso's cream AS balm, it doesn't burn and is very soothing, I have one more bottle to use up and then my new goto will be Razorock's Aftershave Wax, it works great and I love the smell of it.
I bought some Clubman Pinaud based on the reviews I've seen and , yes...it does have a powdery barbershop-like smell to it. However after using it awhile I began to detect a hint of tobacco. And I'm talking about nasty chewing tobacco, not pipe tobacco.

I never use it anymore.
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I hated clubman the first time I tried it but now I like it a lot.

You might give aqua velva a try. It burns less and with menthol it has the cooling effect you're looking for.
I'm a big fan of Brut. It definitely burns, but then it cools a little afterward. If you want to try something that's really soothing and has no aroma, I can send you a bottle of Vichy balm. I've been meaning to PIF it anyway, I've used it a couple of times, but I prefer just to splash on the aftershave and enjoy the burn. If you have a bottle of Pinaud Bay Rum, I'll take it off your hands quite happily.

Let me know if you want to try the Vichy balm.
I just tried Clubman a week ago for the first time and I love it! To me it's a great masculine scent. And I don't have any burn issues either.
Sorry, but I'd pinaud original is burning tha bad, ur using way to much pressure or your angle is off. Pinaud is one of the tamest of the alcohol based AS, IMO. I could t imagine what some AV musk would feel like to u. Lol
My baby's butts never reminded me of clubman... even j&j powder which you aren't supposed to use anymore with baby's doesn't remind me of pinaud.

Is it when there is poop smeared over a baby's butt or when its clean? I just don't get the similarity in notes. :blink:
Clubman original is the only AS I have at the moment and I think it smells great. Reminds me of the old barbershops and the wife loves it. It does burn but I actually like the burn. I'm sure if the PIFed it, someone here would love to have it.
YMMV with fragrances and aftershaves; lots of subjectivity...no one size fits all. I like the regular Clubman because it smells like the old school barbershops. It reminds me of my haircuts as a child. What was more cool as a kid than to have your neck rubbed with the Clubman after your high and tight summer buzz-cut?? I also like the Special Reserve and Bay Rum. As with all the Clubman products, use them sparingly...a little goes a loooong way! Just a bit after my cold water rinse does it for me.
Which ones did you order?

Sounds like you had a rough shave.Did you shake the bottle?Sometimes the essential oils can separate out I always give my a/s a shake before using whether I think it needs it or not.Original Clubman is very powdery after dry down along with a floral component that starts out strong but fades down.I did not care much for it when I first tried it now,it gets used bi-weekly,not my favorite but it suits my mood sometimes.

The Vanilla is a sweet smelling a/s,not much vanilla there.If you got Special Reserve,that is some strong stuff .Leather and tobacco and wood mixed together.I often cut it with Witch Hazel.I also cut the Original with WH,you may want to try WH mix yourself.It adds a bit of extra toning.

if you don't like powder,never try Lustray Blue Spice.
Sorry you feel that way...but I'll bet you "monkey to a mouse-trap" (Churchill: A Life By Martin Gilbert, pg 701), there are more lovers (Citrus Musk for me!!!), vs.
haters of Clubman. :yesnod:

"Hard work is the aftershave [and cologne] of accomplishment". Author Unknown
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+3 to Clubman Classic Vanilla! Try this one .. It does still burn a bit at first. But the smell is great.​
I absolutely love the scent of Clubman, that old time barber shop smell is amazing and brings back memories of my youth (not that I'm old :wink2:).
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