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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by jaro 101969, May 16, 2019.

    hey found a brand new 16 oz bottle of Clubman country club size at thrift store for what i think was a good price yesterday... thoughts... I am anxious to try it out but haven't shaved yet today.
  1. It’s a classic. The scent is iconic—many, including myself, think it defined the American barbershop Fougère scent. It’s definitely in my top five of aftershaves.
  2. yeah i keep beating myself up for not buying the other at the same time , they had 2 bottles and they were 3 bucks a piece.....maybe they will still have it when i go back.
  3. You can save your first time with it for tomorrow... Clubman Friday is a thread you can follow.

    Congrats on the acquisition!
  4. thanks i will probably do that.
  5. Ad Astra

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    Yes and yes! Nothing better ... if you add a few drops of glycerin. In my opinion.

  6. Yep. That’s how I do it. I rub a few drops of glycerin on my face, then splash on the Clubman.
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    Awesome juice!
  8. Clubman is a classic! It's the first AS I found that "just did it for me". I love the powdery finish.
    I put about 5 - 8 drops of glycerin in a full bottle of Clubman.
  9. Love me some Clubman.
  10. I like my Clubman cut with witch hazel and a bit of wintergreen isopropyl. Livens it up a bit, enhances the feel and scent.
  11. Great juice!! Definitely an American barbershop classic!! :a14::a14:
  12. I'd say you're pretty much set for life, unless you bathe in the stuff
  13. love clubman fridays!
  14. Yup.
    I think of Pinaud Clubman Classic as a grown-up version of Brut.
    Or rather that Brut is the punk kid version of Clubman Classic.
  15. Hilarious! :clap::biggrin1::clap::biggrin1:
  16. What does the glycerin do?
  17. Other uses:
    • additive for bubble-blowing soap, makes them last longer by thickening the "skin" of the bubble.
    • liquid filler in pressure gauges and compasses to dampen the motion of the needle
    • to create "uberlather" = shaving soap + shaving cream + glycerin. See the shavewiki article: Uberlather

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