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Pinaud Clubman Classic Vanilla AS

Yeah, it's one of my favorites too! Found it at my local drugstore years ago, and now it's become even harder to find "in person."
I just cracked open a new bottle of Classic Vanilla and smells great, even straight from the plastic bottle. It'll get better after I decant it into glass. But still, its fine as is. I've never had a skunky bottle. I don't know if you just got a bad batch or if there's some ingredient that's not interacting with your body chemistry well.
I love Clubman Vanilla it always smells great. I did decant mine and I saw no difference even over time. It's great straight from the bottle.
Judging from the fact that it was most noticeable at the outset, plus the fact that it's a plastic bottle, I'd say it's the plastic.

Pinaud uses a high percentage of alcohol, I hear. When they changed over to the cheaper plastic bottles, and it sat in a warehouse for a year, it would interact with the plastic and give some off bad smells when you open it.

Subsequently, the alcohol is still interacting with the plastic, but as you often open it, you don't really notice it. But it's still nasty, I think.

Most of us decant our pinaud into glass. There's a thread on this forum, but I'll just tell you.

If you have the bottle with the plastic label, put the kettle on. Then you empty out a small whisky bottle. Somehow. Decant the Pinaud into the bottle.

When the kettle boils, turn it off and wait a bit. You want very hot, but not quite boiling.

Pour the hot water into the plastic bottle and wait. The glue will melt. You pull the label off. It still has glue on the back. You stick the label on the whisky bottle.

High alcohol content after shave in plastic just seems, well, not nice.

By the way, the current theory about why Pinaud changed to plastic was that it was mainly sold to barbers. Barbers noticed that it had a high alcohol content, which meant it could be diluted.

Barbers were decanting it into larger glass bottles and diluting it to increase profits, so Pinaud thought well, we may as well save money and breakage on glass bottles, since they are just being thrown away by the barbers anyway.
I enjoy decanting Pinaud products but I always keep some in the plastic too. Different scent profiles and i like them both.

Special Reserve decanted smells like it costs $$$. Just wonderful.
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